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Developing an Intentional Marriage

Married couple talks about the importance of being intentional about developing relationship skills. There desire to grow and improve their marriage has been a driving force in this 2nd marriage. Involvement in their Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) has provided important […]

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Rules for Fair Fighting

by Priscilla and Greg Hunt, PhD Adapted from Ground Rules for Handling Conflict, John A. Larsen, PhD     In a close relationship, conflict is inevitable. In fact, if handled well, conflict can result in our becoming even closer. (see How to Use […]

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Couple Conflict: Attitude is Everything!

by Priscilla and Greg Hunt, PhD Listen to Kathy talk about the difficulty she and her husband Ken have dealing with conflict: “Too often, our disagreements end badly. We get frustrated with each other, and our anger overshadows the issue at hand. […]

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Tips for Dealing with Conflict – The Wisdom of 390 Years of Marriage Experience

by Greg and Priscilla Hunt Fourteen married couples, representing a total of 390 years of marriage, were asked what tips for dealing with conflict they would share with a newlywed couple. They had learned a lot from personal experience in their […]

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Alan and Christina: Getting Through Unemployment… Together

Alan and Christina describe their struggle with the stress and depression of long-term unemployment that almost broke up their marriage, and eventually brought them closer and made their relationship stronger.

Bob and Barbara: No Sweeping (Under the Rug) Allowed!

Bob hates conflict and wants to sweep problems under the rug, while Barbara confronts issues directly. Learn how this inspirational couple, married 41 years, addressed their classic differences in communication and conflict resolution.

Greg and Priscilla: Family of Origin and Trust Issues

On the day of their 35th wedding anniversary, Greg and Priscilla share intimately about how they struggled with and overcame emotional baggage and trust issues in their relationship.

Kathe and David: Being Soul Mates Isn’t Easy!

"I wanted to stab him in his sleep!" How can you be so in love and so frustrated at the same time? Kathe and David met in 2nd grade and consider themselves soul mates but have strong personalities and huge […]

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Sue and Dave: Dealing with Differences

Do opposites attract? They sure do! Sue and Dave describe how they survived their huge differences in their 40 year marriage.

‘Tis the Season to Turn Sadness Into Joy

by Barbara Williams   In many traditions in our busy world, the holidays signify the time of leisure, of relaxing, reconnecting and spending quality time with loved ones. Initially intended to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we're accustomed to Christmas as: "'Tis […]

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