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Nothing draws us into a story like video.  It involves more of our senses than any other medium, and that makes it a powerful tool to assist, educate, and inspire. At Better Marriages, we want you to intentionally create the best relationship you can have, and offer videos that range from workshops to empower you, to stories that will inspire you. Get immersed in a Better Marriages video with your partner tonight.

Carolynn and Brad: We Lost 36 Family Members in 36 Months!

Carolyn and Brad, married 23 years, lost 36 family members in a span of 36 months. Can you imagine? It was tough, but they got through it together with a stronger marriage.

Scott and Karla: Why Wait to Say Goodbye?

When Scott Nelson had terminal cancer and just days left to live, his family and friends held an amazing event to celebrate Scott...with Scott! The evening was filled with love, laughter and more than a few tears of sorrow and […]

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