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5 Promises Your Partner Will Love You For

I Promise to Love You Every Day I know that love is a choice and I choose to love you always. Though I can get busy and have my moods, you deserve my love and attention each and every […]

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Couple Growth Plan Exercise

Download GROWTH PLAN Exercise Each of you individually write your response to numbers 1-3. When finished, share your answers with each other before proceeding to number 4. When you have written your goals, post them in a place where you will […]

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Growth Plan for Couples

The ongoing growth of your relationship is important! Download this guide with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities to keep your relationship growing. Download PDF

Marriage Growth Plan

by Eddie and Sylvia Robertson adapted from Wonderful Wednesdays, available in our online bookstore here. It is always a good time to create a Marriage Growth Plan. Where do you want your relationship to be in a month? A year? It can […]

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Me vs. We

by Corey Allen You walk in the door and are greeted with… “Honey, we need to talk about a few things.” If you’re human, your insides immediately tighten and your defenses prepare for battle. It’s a common occurrence. Your spouse tells you what’s going […]

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6 Tips To Help You Manage Your Anger

Rhoberta Shaler Stop letting anger control you. Reclaim your life and start feeling better about yourself. “I don’t like who I am after I let my anger fly!” That’s what folks coming to me for anger management counseling and classes say. They’re disappointed, […]

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10 Ways to Shower Your Spouse with Appreciation

By SoundVision.com Staff Writer   Whether you are married for just a month or for a decade, you often take your spouse for granted. Courtesy, gratitude, and care for each other wears off. The same person whom, once upon a time, you […]

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4 Tips for Recovering After Infidelity

Aaron Anderson, FamilyShare Do you worry that your marriage will never completely heal because of an affair? Not only can your relationship recover, but it can be better than before. If you've been cheated on, you often wonder how you can be […]

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Good marriages rest on hearing, listening

By Gina Barreca/Hartford Courant, October 20, 2014   Here’s what I’ve learned in 23 years of marriage: Love isn’t blind, but it can be hard of hearing.   At the beginning of a relationship, you hang onto each other’s every word the way you […]

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5 New Year’s resolutions that will take your marriage from good to great

by Jessica Padykula     There's something about the start of a new year that spurs us to make positive changes. This year, consider putting the spotlight on your marriage. We put together some simple but effective resolutions aimed at boosting your bond […]

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