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How to Blend Your Finances After Marriage

by Chelsy Meyer You’ve said, “I do,” you’ve blended your families, and you’ve accepted dealing with each other forever, no matter what. Now it’s time to put those vows to the test and live your lives together as a unit. Blending […]

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Unique Financial Challenges That Arise in a 2nd Marriage

By Beth Kotz Your second marriage is an opportunity to learn and grow from any past mistakes that may have haunted your previous relationship. In order to move forward it can take a great deal of compassion and understanding to begin […]

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9 Happy Surprises of Second Marriages

Discover a pack of unexpected perks to round-two relationships   By Christina Vercelletto   Divorce can be devastating, but it doesn’t mean you’ve blown your chance at bliss. A failed first union can prime you to spend the rest of your life feeling loved, […]

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Stepfamily Packages

by Carri & Gordon Taylor Carri & Gordon are speaking at the Better Marriages Conference July 11-14, 2013 in Raleigh, NC   Living in any family brings surprises – that’s life. Living in a stepfamily guarantees LOTS of surprises because of the “open” […]

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