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Couple Leadership Training (Basic)

Preparing Couples to Lead Couples

Over its 42 year history, Better Marriages has trained thousands of couples to lead marriage enrichment and marriage education events. Comprehensive training (40 contact hours) equips couples to lead as a team. They are trained in the methods of group process and experiential, hands-on learning. Couples are prepared to lead retreats, small groups, workshops and couple classes. Though couples receive pages upon pages of resources, they are not limited to any specific curriculum. This broad-based training empowers couples to lead any program, class or event and to do so more effectively.

“Leadership Training was the best thing we’ve ever done for our relationship. We recommend it even to couples who don’t plan to lead events, because the in-depth couple experience is phenomenal. We’re closer than ever and feel competent and confident to lead any class, program or event for couples.” Greg and Priscilla Hunt, KS

Leadership Training is highly recommended for lay couples in organizations that want to develop programs to effectively reach couples.

Trainer Couples
Chosen from among the best of certified leader couples throughout the world, Better Marriages Trainer Couples have a wide variety of leadership experience. The trainer/couple ratio is low, with events having no more than eight couples per Trainer Couple. This allows for plenty of one-on-one time with the Trainer Couple in order to benefit from their encouragement, wisdom and insight.


The Leadership Training Workshop is the first step toward leader certification. A couple may continue in the certification process once the training workshop is completed, though it is not required. This process involves the receipt of a positive evaluation/recommendation from the Trainer Couple, participation in and leadership of various marriage enrichment programs and events, and the submission of an application.

Leadership Training Workshops

Better Marriages Leadership Training is delivered through a Leadership Training Workshop. The purpose of the Leadership Training Workshop is to help married couples develop skills for leading marriage enrichment programs, classes and events. Each Leadership Training Workshop includes 8 components. These components may be structured in a variety of ways according to the style and preference of the Trainer Couple and the needs of participating couples.

Components of a Leadership Training Workshop

  • A marriage enrichment retreat. The beginning point for the workshop. Couples will focus on their own relationship in a caring, supportive group.
  • Reflection on the marriage enrichment retreat. Couples will reflect on the retreat experience, focusing specifically on leadership aspects in order to understand marriage enrichment process.
  • Exposure to, and discussion of, a variety of leadership styles, resources and support systems for marriage enrichment. Couples will gain awareness of a diversity of resources. Couples will gain knowledge of a variety of marriage enrichment and marriage education programs as well as a thorough understanding of the purposes and work of Better Marriages. Couples will consider various administrative and marketing factors.
  • Program/Event design. Couples will design a marriage enrichment program or event that they might lead.
  • Practice leadership. Couples will share their event design and practice leadership for a brief time, then receive feedback from other trainee couples.
  • Marital exploration. Each couple will have a period to dialogue about areas of vulnerability and the “growing edges” of their relationship. They do this in an atmosphere of trust and openness in the presence of two to four other trainee couples under the guidance of the Trainer Couple.
  • Reflection, evaluation and growth plan. Toward the end of the Leadership Training Workshop, couples reflect on their learning and growth, evaluate the event and prepare a growth plan for themselves. The Trainer Couple provides one-on-one feedback and consultation to individual couples.
  • Encouragement of continued reading. Couples are provided an extensive bibliography and are expected to continue reading in the areas of marital dynamics, marriage enrichment, counseling, group process and other appropriate areas.

Formats for Leadership Training Workshops

  • Traditional Workshop – four and a half consecutive days in a retreat setting
  • Traditional Weekend Format – two separate weekends Friday – Sunday

Traditional Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) – Program Description (both 4-day and 2-weekend)

The Traditional Leadership Training Workshop consists of 40 hours of face-to-face interaction with a peer group led by a certified Trainer Couple. Included in the 40 hours is:

•    Better Marriages mini retreat
•    Introduction and background to Marriage Enrichment
•    Training in specific resources
•    Preparing for leadership and designing an event
•    Practice leadership
•    Marital Exploration – an extended dialogue by each couple


The cost of a Leadership Training Workshop is $475 per couple plus meals and housing. The cost includes:
•    Close Companions by David & Vera Mace
•    Marriage Enrichment: Process, Methods and Techniques by Genie & Preston Dyer
•    Recommended Reading List
•    Leadership Training Workshop Manual
•    Conversation Starters for use in leadership
•    Leaders’ Forum” (Better Marriages newsletter for Leader Couples)

Room and board costs are additional and vary depending on location.


  • Leadership Training Workshops are conducted at various times and locations throughout the United States. You can see a list of currently-scheduled workshops HERE.
  • If an organization or a group of at least 5 couples would like to host a training, we are happy to offer a Leadership Training Workshop on your schedule and provide a Trainer Couple for a specific location as requested.


A non-refundable $100 deposit is required 1 month prior to the training.  Mail a check to Better Marriages, P.O. Box 21374, Winston-Salem, NC  27120 or call with credit card information:  1-800-634-8325.


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