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Chuck and Renee Hinson

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Chuck and Reneé Hinson returned to the board in 2017, having previously served in their “pre-K” years (pre-kids) in the mid-90’s. As new empty-nesters, they are excited to be back on the Board. They have been married since January of 1984 and were introduced to marriage enrichment through the newlywed program during the summer of that first year of marriage. Something clicked that summer and they are now Lifetime Members, remaining active as MEG and conference leaders ever since that early taste of marriage enrichment.

Professionally, Reneé was an assistant professor in the Department of Neurology and Director of Psychology Services for Rehabilitation at the Bowman Gray Medical School of Wake Forest University before leaving the academic world to serve as the Executive Director of Better Marriages from 2002-2008. She returned to the classroom, teaching psychology at Salem College, and Forsyth Technical Community College until recently devoting herself to full-time private practice, focusing on psychological testing of children, adolescents, and adults and psychotherapy with adults.

Chuck enjoys working in Information Technology at Lincoln Financial Group and mentoring the kids in the youth group at Knollwood Baptist Church, frisbee and Wake Forest sports teams. Both he and Renee are enjoying this “launching” stage with their young adult children, Olivia and Chase, now both in college.

Chuck and Reneé received the Distinguished Service award from the board in 2012 and are working hard to live up to that generous gesture.