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Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC – Relationship Expert, Educator, Author and Coach

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Jackie Black

Board Certified Coach helping Couples-in-Trouble wake up and create better lives together!

Offers a Free Initial Consultation for Better Marriages Members

Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC, named by COSMO as one of their most beloved international love gurus, knows that “Love is NOT enough!” If Love was enough, you and your partner would still be as happy and joyful as you were when you fell in love and decided to spend your life together.

In addition to working with her private clients through her Marriage Coaching Programs and in regularly scheduled, weekly sessions, Dr. Jackie is an author, speaker and long-time relationship educator and marriage coach.

She is a popular Internet syndicated columnist, a highly regarded relationship blogger and podcaster, a frequent guest expert on radio throughout the world and on the Internet; and is regularly cited in major magazines in the U.S. and abroad.

Coaching Programs

Dr. Jackie offers relationship education and marriage coaching to Couples in Trouble who are serious about doing what it takes to stay together through her Marriage Coaching Programs: Half-Day Marriage Intensive, Full-Day Marriage Intensive and 2-Day, Destination Marriage Retreat.

In these Marriage Coaching Programs you and your partner will become (more) conscious of both the positives and negatives that drive the relational dynamics in your marriage; you’ll stop the emotional and relational downward spiral; and find new answers and acquire new skills to get your marriage back to being loving and strong.

Dr. Jackie’s Half-Day Marriage Intensive and Full-Day Marriage Intensive Programs are delivered via phone or Skype. Dr. Jackie’s 2-Day, Destination Marriage Retreat is delivered in person.

To read Dr. Jackie’s Blog, please visit http://www.askdrjackie.com.

To listen to Dr. Jackie’s Podcast, please visit http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/just-between-us.

Dr. Jackie is the author of the comprehensive Cracking-the-Code Relationship Book Series, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Detailed information is available at the above link.

In 2014 Dr. Jackie and David Steele, Founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute in 1997, re-imagined the RCI couples coach training curriculum and co-developed the current, state-of-the-art couples coach training program for couples coaches around the world. As the co-developer of this program and as the lead Advanced Partnerships Trainer, Dr. Jackie teaches and mentors couples coaches worldwide to support their couple clients to grow from dysfunctional to highly functional and beyond, and step into the world of Radical Marriage.

Skills and Experience You Already Have to Build On…

You probably don’t realize that you and your partner already have many of the life skills and natural abilities you need to successfully change the way you relate to each other. In our work together we will tap into these powerful internal resources you already have:

  • Identify the skills you have and are already using that are associated with your business and professional success;
  • Learn how to transfer these business and professional success skills to your marriage;
  • Understand what makes something work in one part of your life so you can benefit from using it in another part of your life;
  • Track the trials and tribulations you survived, appreciate the lessons you learned and apply them to your relationship life;
  • Deepen your awareness about your personal gifts, skills, talents and the resources you have developed throughout your life, and make them work for you;
  • Practice transitioning from *worker* to *honey* energy in your relationship;
  • Explore what you really want in your love life;
  • Assess your choices that derail your compatibility with being a loving, available spouse.

Marriage Coaching is the vigorous change process that can revitalize the love and energy that still lies inside you for each other and your marriage.

This step-by-step approach will support you to develop emotional intelligence; learn, practice and master essential relationship success skills; and shift out of limiting attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that no longer affirm and esteem you, your partner or your marriage. In fact, these limiting attitudes, beliefs and behaviors are keeping you stuck and won’t facilitate building and maintaining the life and love life you want.

It isn’t enough just to know you can change things. Marriage Coaching will show you how!

For information about how to work with Dr. Jackie on specific relationship issues, email Dr. Jackie at .

Dr. Jackie Black is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and workshops. To book an event, email her at 

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