COUPLES & MONEY: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage


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Finally a “how-to” for couples to end the #1 conflict
in marriage and transform money issues forever!

Your relationship with money impacts everything about you–especially your marriage. Managing your money with your partner and building wealth are basic fundamental requirements of a healthy, committed couple.

Financially, this book will help you recognize where you are, how you got here, where you want to go and how to get there! Remember that you did not get here all by yourself. By the time you finish the last page, you will be able to successfully and completely change your personal relationship with money; and forever transform the economic issues and money conflicts in your marriage!

“COUPLES AND MONEY: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage” highlights important questions to ask yourself that motivates you to examine what your values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are as they relate to money. Real life stories depict couples in financial crisis and how they learned to use practical tools and skills to gain financial ownership of their lives. Worksheets completed individually and as a couple, will stimulate you to identify and strengthen the financial weaknesses that limit and overwhelm you.

You’ll learn about your own money psychology. Whether your money psychology is based in prosperity thinking or scarcity thinking, no worries! Do you recognize how your past has deeply affected, and continues to influence, your financial present and future? Identify your false beliefs, assumptions and myths about money so you can change the ideas that bind you and create beliefs that will support you to become financially fit!

Even though you are a couple, your participation as an individual, and your partner’s participation as an individual, impacts, affects and influences all the choices and decisions you make, or don’t make, as a couple. Money freedom requires that your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs about money match!

Discover how to think strategically by viewing your finances as a family business.. First, take a look at the six most common ways to manage your money; and then at a process that will support you to build and grow your Family Business by creating a safe place for effective communication to resolve underlying, and sometimes volatile, disagreements about money. Creating your financial vision and your financial goals is the key to ending money conflicts forever.

You and your partner will be able to develop the commitments that you both believe make sense, and that you both can and will honor to make your financial visions, hopes and dreams your financial realities!

This book sets forth “must-have” essential relationship success skills that you and your partner will use over and over in many circumstances throughout your life together. There are many components that influence the decisions you make in your relationship–culture, health issues, employment, children, to name a few. Money is only a microcosm of your life and of your relationship. When you learn, practice and master these skills, you will be able to manage your money better, and co-create your financial fitness to build wealth.

Money cannot make you happy, but intentional decisions and choices related to money can provide the means of unlimited good for you and many others in your life.

You will have more than enough money when you believe you will; when you take the appropriate actions that positively express your belief; and when you realize that you can be wealthy no matter how much money you earn, save, spend or invest because you are more than your money, and more than your money can buy