Ring Exchange: Life Lessons from a Multiple Marrier


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This is the intriguing true story of Pam Evans, who has been married and divorced more times than she wants to admit and has lived to tell the tale – with honesty, humor and a heartfelt message for her readers. Pam isn’t shy about revealing that her many treks down the aisle eventually led from the altar to the divorce court. During a 13-year hiatus from saying, “I do,” Pam used this time to reflect on her past relationship choices and often hasty decisions. Her discoveries about her personality type and how it influenced her actions helped her gain new knowledge and take responsibility, allowing her to finally break her multi-relationship and marriage pattern. Pam says, “Some people get lucky when it comes to relationships and marriage! But, luck isn’t a strategy.” She coaches her clients to first envision the life they want and then integrate their desired partner into their flexible plan.