The Miracle of Connection – Transforming Your Relationships (CD Box Set)


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Hosted by David Steel of Relationship Coaching Institute, Hedy Schleifer teaches couples about the initial romance stage of relationships, and how to keep the excitement alive over time. These CDs are audio interviews with Hedy as she talks about the Power Struggle stage of relationships and how to use our differences to deepen intimacy and connection. Hedy Schleifer is a LMHC and international relationship specialist and trainer of relationship therapists.

Your CD series was one of the most eye opening information products that I have ever listened to in the area of relationships! Your experience, compassion and inspiring message left me feeling like no matter what challenges my husband and I may go through in our lives, there is always a solution! –Rev. Mandi Neiser, Wedding Minister and Marriage & Relationship Coach

I love how Hedy describes the emotions and the feelings of the Love Drug and Special Angels that are around to make our lives uncomfortable so we don’t fall asleep and miss it – brilliant!. The Power struggle is NATURAL! Thank you Hedy for the inspiring words. –LeAnn O’Neal, MA, LMFT

What an impact Hedy’s program had!…both for my own relationship and in my work with clients. –Alyse Stone, Transition Coach

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Growing Our Passion

Disc: 2
1. Embracing Our Differences

Disc: 3
1. Achieving Fulfullment